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Most people get super worried when they cannot ensure the safety of all that they love. MOSFET tracking & safety solutions, allows users to be connected to all that love via a simple application & really take back their peace of mind!

Mosfet Technologies has one job that defines its existence – Ensuring every consumers ‘Peace of Mind’ by helping them protect all that they love!

We understand and appreciate how hard you work everyday to protect and keep safe all that you love!

MOSFET Technologies was born in 2016, out of the need to keep people safe & connected to their loved ones while on the road. The scores of horrific incidents that were happening to people while in cabs or even their own cars led to the creation of our flagship product – findMe 101 – a vehicle & personal tracking solution that empowers people to effectively take charge of their safety while travelling.

Today Mosfet offers Safety Solutions for children, family members, pets, home, vehicles and also for business assets and employees.

Our work at Mosfet is to make this as simple & stressfree for you, and this is how we do it :-

Quality Hardware which is customized to incorporate the safety features you want, while ensuring excellent build quality & performance standards.

Power packed Mobile Application (Android & iOS) ‘All your surveillance needs in 1 application with is highly effective yet simple to use.’ Made in India software ensuring data protection.

Near Real Time updates directly to your phone. Updates are customizable, so you get alerted to events you chooses are important.

Doorstep installation and service. Hassle-free and convenient. We follow all COVID 19 guidelines to ensure your safety. Installation at a date and time convenient to you.

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