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The Only Air Purifier with abuilt in Humidifer, Ioniser and Steriliser (UV) in this price Range


Anti-Bacterial Filter

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Cold Catalyst Filter

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High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

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Ultraviolet Sterilisation Light

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Anion Purification

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Additional Feature: HUMIDIFIER maintains set level humidity in the air to prevent dryness of skin and proper respiration.


  • Power Consumption 45 Watts*
  • Coverage Area (400 sq. ft.)
  • Noise Level (18 – 22 Decible)
  • Allergen Repellant



They are the reason, It matters!

  • Allows for rapidly re-cleaning the air in its purview every 20 minutes
  • 3 Color LED indicator to Show Air quality – Red, Amber & Green
  • Easily covers a medium sized Drawing/ Dining area or a very large bedroom
  • This is way quieter than a ceiling fan
  • Adjusts the fan speed, electric consumption and purification process upon the quality of indoor air
  • Automatically sets the lowest noise level, reduces illumination, for a non-disturbed clean sleep
  • Displays current level of humidity and allows you to maintain the required amount
  • Sterilizes the bacteria & airborne viruses in the air via UV light filtration


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